Monet Media Marketing

Monet Media Marketing give your business a new entry to business world, increase your rank, improve your appearance in social media.

Pixelna IPTV Launcher

Pixelna IPTV Launcher is the place where you can control what you see and what you need to access it easily. No more someone is not you controlling the apps appear to you in your TV.

M.F.O Resor

MFO Resor is a Hajj and Umrah supplier based in Sweden. Our goal is to offer a high quality service.

Morphin website

Morphin is a French start-up for creating GIF based on MBA Players


Wexwa is a concept for multi vendors
E-commerce website.
With Wexwa you can post your products and expand your market whether it’s new or second hand.
With Wexwa you will find what you are looking for because it’s the biggest online market.


SureFront is a online B2B retail management system.
SureFront allows a full products life cycle management system.

Multi Vendors E-commerce website

Multi vendors E-commerce website for online Products. Users can shop online and select the best deals and enjoy offers and discounts.


Mehman is an online travel agency for booking flights.